Billions of Dollars Go Unclaimed!

The Rightful Owners May Not Know It Exists!

Is Any of It Yours? I Can Help You Claim It!

I find lost money and other assets for you. There are hundreds of places to look for uncashed checks, safe deposit boxes, utility company deposits, refunds and rebates, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, royalties and many other kinds of unclaimed property. Often the owner has forgotten about it or never knew it existed! Perhaps a check was returned as undeliverable, or a policy was misplaced. Maybe you never received that rebate, or your grandparents had a bank account no one knew about. I can help you find and recover what is rightfully yours!

Why struggle to make ends meet when there may be money just waiting for you to claim it? Let me do the work—all you need to do is collect your money. I work on a commission basis, and receive my commission only after your funds are recovered.

I'm always interested in putting my assets, material, mental and spiritual, to good use, and it's especially important in this tough economy. That's why I've decided to help people (and myself) by finding lost funds and the people they belong to, and bringing the two together.

I will give you instructions on locating and claiming this cash, and in return I would respectfully request a small percentage as a finding fee. I do not collect any money, unless you do.

Using my specific searching technique, I also have found obscure, unclaimed cash and matched it to the people it belongs to. If you wish, you may give me the names of your parents, siblings, or other relatives, and in which states they've lived, and I can search for additional properties.

In this economy, I have found that every little bit helps. Don't let this money, which may belong to you, languish in an escrow account, not earning interest, nor doing anyone any good.

Please call, write or email me if you would like more information:

Finding Lost Monie$
Barbara A. Covey
Mailing Address: 254 Riverwood Rd, Naples, FL 34114
Phone: 239-961-0038

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